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Dr. Asma Sohail Farooqui

Completed Ph.D. (2000)

Email: asmafarooqui

Research interests:

Molecualar Spectroscopy, Sol-GEL laser materials

Supervisor: Prof. Z. H. Zaidi


  1. Luminescence properties of Coumarins and Quinones
    Asma Farooqui, Hugh J Byrne, Proceedings of SPIE 4876(2):1178-1187 (2003).
  2. Spectroscopic characteristics of coumarin 540 a in sol-gel
    Asma Sohail Farooquia, Z.H. Zaidi, Spectroscopy Letters, Volume 34, Issue 3, pp 301-309 (2001).
  3. Studies of Anthraquinones and Matrix shifts in Boric acid
    Asian Journal of Physics, Vol. 5 (2000).
  4. Role of boric acid as shift reagent on the electronic absorption spectra of dihydroxyanthraquinones
    Alpana Sharma, Asma Sohail Farooqui, Z H Zaidi, Asian Journal of Physics, Vol. 8, No 2, pp 233 (1999).