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Dr. Daisy Verma

Completed Ph.D. (2014)


Research interests:

Nanocrystalline Semiconductors

Supervisor: Prof. S. S. Mehdi

Co-Supervisor: Dr. S. N. Singh, Dr. P. K. Singh


  1. Application of ZnO nanoparticles to enhance photoluminescence in porous silicon and its possible utilization for improving the short wavelength quantum efficiency of silicon solar cell
    Daisy Verma, Aneeta Kharkwal, S.N. Singh, P.K. Singh, S.N. Sharma, S.S. Mehdi, M. Husain
    Solid State Sciences 37, (2014)
  2. Role of nanocrystalline ZnO coating on the stability of porous silicon formed on textured (1 0 0) Si
    Daisy Verma, Shailesh N. Sharma, Aneeta Kharkwal, G. Bhagavannarayana, Mahesh Kumar, Shiv Nath Singh, Parakram Kumar Singh, Syed Sazad Mehdib, Mushahid Husain
    Applied Surface Science 285:564-571, (2013)
  3. Special correlation of photoluminescent peak of porous silicon with its resistivity
    Daisy Verma, S.N. Singh, P.K. Singh, S.S. Mehdi, M. Husain
    Solid-State Electronics 76:48-53, (2012)
  4. Correlation between reflectivity and photoluminescent properties of porous silicon films
    Daisy Verma, Firoz Khan, S. N. Singh, P. K. Singh
    Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 95(1):30-33, (2011)