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Hamid Nanda

Research Scholar

Email: nandahamid786

Research interests:

Ultra-relativistic heavy ion nuclear collisions,Space-time evolution of the Quark-Gluon Plasma (QGP),Collective flow of QCD matter,Signatures of QGP,Multi-particle correlations,QCD nuclear phase diagram,Relativistic fluid dynamics

Supervisor: Prof. Saeed Uddin


  1. Particle Ratios from Strongly Interacting Hadronic Matter
    Waseem Bashir, Saeed Uddin, and Hamid Nanda
    Advances in High Energy Physics 2017, 2979743 (2017)
  2. Chemical potential dependence of particle ratios through a unified thermal approach
    Inam-ul Bashir, Hamid Nanda and Saeed Uddin
    JETP 149(5) (2016)