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Dr. Jamal Akhtar Khan

Completed Ph.D. (2004)


Research interests:

High Temperature Superconductors, Josephson junction and Arrays

Supervisor: Dr. M. Shahhabuddin


  1. Simulation Study of Noise Effect on Shapiro Steps in High T c Josephson Junctions Using RCLSJ Model
    Jamal Akhtar Khan, Abdulaziz S. Almazyad, M. Shahabuddin
    Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism 24(5):1649-1651 (2011)
  2. Simulation study of effect of magnetic field over IV characteristic of intrinsic stacked Josephson junctions
    Jamal Akhtar Khan, M. Shahabuddin
    International Journal of Nanomanufacturing 4(1) (2009)