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Dr. Mohd. Nasir

Completed Ph.D. (2012)


Research interests:

Thermal and High Field Conduction Studies in Chalcogenide Glasses

Supervisor: Prof. M. Zulfequar


  1. Electronic excitation induced structural, optical and electrical properties of Se85S10Zn5 thin films and applicability of a single oscillator model
    Shabir Ahmad, Mohd. Nasir, K Asokan, Mohd. Shahid Khan, M Zulfequar
    RSC Advances 5(85):69400-69409, (2015)
  2. Structural, Elemental, Morphological and Optical Spectroscopic Studies on High Quality 〈111〉 Grown Nanocrystalline ZnTe Thin Films: An Effect of Thickness
    Mohd. Shkir, S. Alfaify, Shabbir Muhammad, Mohd. Nasir, N. Vijayan, S. K. Jat, M. Zulfequar, S. Rubio, E. Dieguez
    Materials Focus, 4(3) 202-207 (2015)
  3. Effect of sulfur additive on density of localized states in nanostructures chalcogenide Se95-xSxZn5 thin films
    Mohd. Nasir, M. Zulfequar
    Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 74(11):1527-1532, (2013)
  4. Characterization of ZnSe single crystal grown by VBT using two zone tubular furnace: An excellent material for optoelectronic devices
    Mohd. Shkir, N. Vijayan, Mohd. Nasir, M.A. Wahab, G. Bhagavannarayana
    Optik - International Journal for Light and Electron Optics 124(11):985989, (2013)
  5. DC Conductivity and Dielectric Behaviour of Glassy Se100xZnx Alloy
    Mohd. Nasir, M. Zulfequar
    Open Journal of Inorganic Non-metallic Materials 02(02):11-17, (2012)
  6. Estimation the Density of Localized State Glassy Se 100x Zn x Thin Films by Using Space Charge Limited Conduction Measurement
    Mohd Nasir, M Zulfequar
    New Journal of Glass and Ceramics 02(02), (2012)
  7. Thermal Properties of Se100xZnx Glassy System
    Mohd Nasir, Mohd Abdul Majeed Khan, Mushahid Husain, Mohammad Zulfequar
    Applied Physics A 119(3), (2015)