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Dr. Neetu Chaudhary

Completed Ph.D. (2014)

Email: neetuchaudhary06

Research interests:

Optical and Photoinduced studies on thin films of Chalcogenide glasses

Supervisor: Prof. M. Zulfequar


1. Photoconductivity of Se,,Te,,Hg, thin films
Neetu, Adam A. Bahishli, M. Zulfequar
Physica B 407 (2012) 2267-2271
2. The study of opfical parameters and DC conductivity of Se,, thin films
Neetu, Adam A. Bahishti, M. Zulfequar
Physica B 407 (2012) 3868-3871
3. Annealing Effect on optical parameters of SeggTe6Hg, thin film
Neetu, M. Zulfequar
Journal of alloys and compounds, 576 (2013) 103-107
4. Photo Conductivity of Se..e..Zn.. Thin Films
Neetu, M. Zulfequar
IJPAP (in press)
5. Study of Dark and Photo Conductivity of GaSePb,
Thin Films (communicated)
6. Photo-Effect on Crystallization Kinetics of SeggTegH
Thin Films (Communicated)
7. Thermal annealing effects on optical properties of SeTeAs
Thin Films(Communicated)