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Rameez Ahmad Parra

Research Scholar

Email: rameezparra

Research interests:

Study of Properties of Hot Hadronic Matter Production Using Ultra-relativistic Nuclear collisions

Supervisor: Prof. Saeed Uddin


  1. "Energy Dependence of Particle Ratios in High Energy Nucleus-Nucleus collisions:A USTFM Approach"
    Inam ul Bashir,Rameez Ahmad Parra,Hamid Nanda,Saeed Uddin) Advances in High Energy Physics (accepted April 1 2018).
  2. "Instability of baryonic matter in relativistic mean field models"
    Waseem Bashir, Saeed Uddin, Rameez Ahmad parra, Nuclear Physics A 969, 151-172 (2018) (available online 6 0ctober 2017)
  3. Particle transverse momentum distribution in p_p collisions at centre of mass energy=0.9TeV
    presented by Rameez Ahmad parra(Inam Ul Bashir,Rameez Ahmad Parra,Saeed Uddin)
    at 9th International Workshop on Multiple partonic Interactions at the LHC 11-15 December 2017 Hotel Peterhoff , Shimla,India.