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Dr. Stuti Joshi

Completed Ph.D. (2015)


Research interests:

Coherent Optical Fields, Optical coherence

Supervisor: Dr. Mohd. Shahid Khan

Co-Supervisor: Dr. H. C. Kandpal


  1. Singularities in cylindrical vector beams
    Manish Verma, Sushanta Kumar Pal, Stuti Joshi, P. Senthilkumaran, Joby Joseph, H.C. Kandpal
    Journal of Modern Optics 62(13):1-8, (2015)
  2. Experimental observation of the effect of generic singularities in polychromatic dark hollow beams
    Bharat Kumar Yadav, Stuti Joshi, Hem Chandra Kandpal
    Optics Letters 39(16), (2014)
  3. Effect of coherence and polarization on the polychromatic partially coherent dark hollow beam generated from axicon-lens system
    Stuti Joshi, B K Yadav, Mohd Shahid Khan, H C Kandpal
    Journal of optics 16(7):075402, (2014)
  4. Sub-wavelength interference in the field assisted by surface plasmons
    Stuti Joshi, Manish Verma, Mohd Shahid Khan, H.C. Kandpal
    Optik - International Journal for Light and Electron Optics 125(10), (2014)
  5. Effect of polarization on spectral anomalies of diffracted stochastic electromagnetic beam
    Stuti Joshi, BK Yadav, Manish Verma, Mohd Shahid Khan, H C Kandpal
    Journal of optics 15(3):035405, (2013)
  6. Effect of surface plasmons on spectral switching of polychromatic light with Au-double-slit
    Manish Verma, Stuti Joshi, Nandan S Bisht, H C Kandpal, P Senthilkumaran, Joby Joseph
    Journal of the Optical Society of America A 29(3):195-9, (2012)