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Dr. Suhail Ahmad

Completed Ph.D. (2013)

Email: suhail_2013

Research interests:

Field theory, High energy physics

Supervisor: Dr. Sharf Alam


1. General Formalism for the BRST Symmetry
Suhail Ahmad
Communications in Theoretical Physics, 59, 439-442 (2013).
2. Surface tension with Normal Curvature in Curved Space-Time
Himanshu Kumar, Sharf Alam, Suhail Ahmad
Gen.Rel.Grav. 45 (2013) 125-142.
3. Subleading Corrections to entropy formulae (convergences and divergences)
Suhail Ahmad, Sharf Alam
arXiv:1207.1317 [physics.gen-ph]