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Udai Singh

Research Scholar

Email: udai.singh93

Research interests:

Fabrication and characterization of BFO thin film

Supervisor: Dr Arun Singh


1. Pandit, S.K., Shrivastava, A., Mahata, K.,Ramachandran, K., Parkar, V.V., Rout, P.C., Kumar, A., Patale, P., Singh, U. and Kailas, S., 2015. Study of breakup and transfer breakup reactions in 7Li+198Pt system around the Coulomb barrier. In Proceedings of the DAE-BRNS Symp. on Nucl. Phys (Vol. 60, p. 39
2. S. Kumar, U. Singh, M. Oswal, G. Singh, N. Singh, D. Mehta, G. Lapicki, T. Nandi, L shell x-ray production in high-Z elements using 4-6 MeV/u fluoriStatus:ne ions, (NIM B 2017).