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Rameez Ahmad Parra

Research Scholar

Email: rameezparra

Research interests:

High Energy Physics,QCD,Quark Gluon Plasma,Hadron Fluctuation,Mean field Models,HRG model,Transport Coefficients

Supervisor: Prof. Saeed Uddin


  1. "Transport Properties of Quark Gluon Plasma Using Running Coupling" presented at International Conference on Physics, Society and Technology [17-19 Jan 2019], University of Delhi.
  2. "Electric and Hall Conductivity of Quark Gluon Plasma Using Running Coupling"
    (Rameez Ahmad parra,Saeed Uddin,Hamid Nanda,Inam-ul Bashir and Rasheed Ahmad).
    Journal of Basic and Applied Engineering Research(JBAER) Volume 5,Issue 6 October -December,2018.
  3. "Finite Size Effects In Hadron Resonance Gas Model"
    Rameez Ahmad Parra,Saeed Uddin,Inam-ul Bashir,Hamid Nanda, Raseed Ahmad
    presented by Rameez Ahmad Parra in International Conference in Recent Trends in Science,Engineering and Management(SEM-2018), 5th August 2018,YWCA Connaught Place New Delhi.
  4. "Study of Centrality Dependence of Transverse Momentum Spectra of Pions and the Freeze-Out Parameters at √SNN =7.7,9.2,62.4,130, 200,2760 GeV: A USTFM Approach"
    Rameez Ahmad parra,Saeed Uddin,Inam-ul Bashir,Hamid Nanda,Rasheed Ahmad)
    XVI International Conference on (TEASM Osmania University Hyderabad(India)
    International Journal of Advances in Science and Engineering(IJARSE) Volume 7,Issue no.5 May 2018.
  5. "A USTFM Approach to Study Energy Dependence of like Particle ratios in Ultra - relativistic heavy ion Collisions"
    (Inam-ul Bashir,Rameez Ahmad Parra,Saeed Uddin,Jan Shabir Ahmad) Presented by Rameez Ahmad Parra at (ICRDSHM-18) held on 17th-18st April 2018 at Amar Singh College, Cluster University, Gogji Bagh, Srinagar (J&K)
    International Journal of Advance Research in Science and Engineering Volume No.07, Special Issue No.04, (2018).
  6. "Energy Dependence of Particle Ratios in High Energy Nucleus-Nucleus collisions:A USTFM Approach"
    Inam ul Bashir,Rameez Ahmad Parra,Hamid Nanda,Saeed Uddin) Advances in High Energy Physics (accepted April 1 2018).
  7. "Instability of baryonic matter in relativistic mean field models"
    Waseem Bashir, Saeed Uddin, Rameez Ahmad parra, Nuclear Physics A 969, 151-172 (2018) (available online 6 0ctober 2017)
  8. Particle transverse momentum distribution in p_p collisions at centre of mass energy=0.9TeV
    presented by Rameez Ahmad parra(Inam Ul Bashir,Rameez Ahmad Parra,Saeed Uddin)
    at 9th International Workshop on Multiple partonic Interactions at the LHC 11-15 December 2017 Hotel Peterhoff , Shimla,India.