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Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes in Quantum Mechanics

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Lecture 1 Introduction, Schrodinger eqn
Lecture 2 Operators, eigenfunctions etc
Lecture 3 Particle in a box
Lecture 4 Formulation of QM
Lecture 5 Change of basis
Lecture 6 Quantum dynamics
Lecture 7 Ehrenfest theorem
Lecture 8 Measurement in QM
Lecture 9 Uncertainty relation
Lecture10 Matrix formulation
Lecture11 Density operator
Lecture12 Angular momentum
Lecture13 The spin
Lecture14 Time-independent perturbation theory
Lecture15 Time-dependent perturbation theory
Lecture16 Identical particles
LectureA1 WKB method
LectureA2 Scattering theory

These lecure notes were prepared for the Quantum Mechanics course I have been teaching, as part of the M.Sc. program here at Jamia.

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Books recommended (in order of preference)

  1. Quantum Mechanics, concepts and applications - Nouredine Zettili
  2. Modern Quantum Mechanics - J.J. Sakurai
  3. Quantum Mechanics - Franz Schwabl

Tabish Qureshi (tabish.amd.)